BPS Leasing and Management Pvt. Ltd

BPS Leasing and Management Company Pvt. Ltd. invests on the long-term leasing, operation, reconstruction, operation, and business management.

The company invests in hotel industries, hydropower and leasing projects, manufacturing companies, automobiles, education, travel, tourism and remittance facilities. Some of the triumphantly ongoing business operations are:

Airport Restaurant & Shop

BPS has successfully started operating restaurant and shops at Pokhara Airport premises. The restaurant provides quality and hygienic food while the shops offer a wide range of books and souvenir to the travelers. At the Departure hall, BPS also has sponsored a children’s playing room as a CSR.

Business Complex

In 2007, BPS was passed an agreement by Public Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) which is a tender bidding process for the agriculture equipment corporation of the Nepal Government.  As a result, BPS has installed the low-cost single floor market complex at Damauli bazar, Tanahun and Prithivi chowk, Pokhara.

Pokhara Airport Departure Lobby Shop

Pokhara Airpot Departure Lobby Shop

Pokhara International Convention Center

BPS has entered into a triparty agreement with Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City, Pokhara Office and Pokhara Town Development Committee for the renovation, reconstruction and business operation of Pokhara City Hall (Pokhara Sabha Griha). The project is handed over for the period of 20 years with an investment of ten million.

The management team of the project envisions to establish Pokhara as “First Convention Tourism Destination of Nepal” with world class amenities making conferencing a pleasure in a beautiful setting of the Pokhara valley.

For more information, please visit: www.batasps.com