Plans & Inceptions

Being a dynamic company, the radar for new business avenues is always on at BATAS. As long as the propositions qualify rich in commitment test, i.e. test for values, test for customer welfare, and test for stakeholder returns, everything is welcome for analysis. At BATAS, business development decisions are taken with maturity, deep analysis, and visionary leadership eyes. Will the business stand all those tests in the years to come? The answer we seek will make us go beyond our endeavors insofar.

Recently, BATAS is orientated towards prioritizing its existing businesses as well embarking into a few promising sectors. The following plans are in BATAS’s present business development basket:

BAPA Wellness Resort

FINAL BAPA_Drawing_1 FINAL BAPA_Drawing_2 FINAL BAPA_Drawing_3


Heritage Hotel, Kathmandu