Chairman’s Message

Ananda Raj Batas

Welcome to BATAS!

Thanks for your time to have shown interest in BATAS organization.
BATAS treats every individual connected to us as our integral part. We expect to flourish only by offering most professional services so as to bring happiness in you. We wish to progress only through your confidence in us.
At every juncture of our live, we strive always to proffer better and efficient services to all our customers. The only common training that we provide to our new and old staff is to be accountable to our customers. Our core values are to be accountable, ethical, transparent and responsible business entity.
Trust is what we wish to win more than anything else. That is the reason we claim to be RICH IN COMMITMENT. By this, we mean, we work hard to fulfill our commitment. Our commitment to the nation, the people and the customers are to be fulfilled. We wish to live up to our commitment than attaining success through unethical short-cuts.
As the success has no boundaries, sky is the only limit for us. However, we believe in keeping our foot firmly in the ground, no matter how far we fly. It is because the realization of your roots bring the humility.
Sky is the only limit in business, but we never forget our roots. We realize the fact that a business enterprise grows only when the people around it become prosperous. Hence, we are always in the process of developing our community, sometimes through involving them in our business and sometimes by entering into their world through our resources. In this highly competitive world, we always believe in joining hands together and operating in a tandem with every interest groups to create synergies and bring a win-win situations for all.

Ananda Raj Batas