BATAS is one of the organically growing organizations.While it is the most popular name for Automobiles,it is equally a most preferred for Non banking ( finance on automobile ) ,remittance, retail,energy,travel and tourism and many more others.

An organization of morethan 9 different companies,partner of various renowned international and local brands(like Eicher,Fiat,Petronas,,Globatt,Himal Remit), and Network of more than 1500 nodes,Batas is growing -growing on the frameworks of its strong values,growing with vision and solid plans and growing with its team,growing…Read More

People Say

"I grew with Batas.10 years were like 10 months.Batas has changeda lot.Developedfrom a smallcompany to a big family..."

Salik Ram Baral
Manager,Spare Parts Unit
Batas Brothers

बिगत १९ बर्षदेखी भविष्यका कर्णाधारहरुको सुरक्षामा आयसर स्कुल बसले मेरो जिम्मेवारीलाई पुरागर्न दिएको अतुलानीये साथ प्रति
सन्तुस्ट  छु
टि.एल चौधरी(Founder Principal(Nightingale School)


Guided By Values

Welcome to BATAS. For us, BATAS is you and I mean it. Yes, we have been surviving and growing with your contributions.We just formed this organization years… Read More

Mr.Anand Raj Batas

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